30 June 2008

Operation: '98 Metal Universe (Box 1/Pack 2)

I want to apologize as it's been a few days since the last post. I was celebrating a birthday last weekend and, well, things got a little crazy. So I'm back with pack #2 of the amazingly B.A. Metal Universe box break. For the record, I can't wait to get my hands on some more of this stuff... it keeps me young.

Here we go...

74 Edgar Martinez (DH) with the Space Needle appropriately located in the background

193 Gary Sheffield rounding the bases, errr check that... enjoying the sights in the MIA

11 Bernie Williams with a flexed bat... on a FREAKING FRONT-LOADER! God, I love this stuff. Have I mentioned that yet?

87 Tony WHOA-mack... yeah, that's a Cessna in the background

22 Bobby Bonilla sans batting gloves accompanied by the Seven Mile Bridge

182 Alan Benes is literally out of this world

115 Jeff King and his epic mustache caught on the tracks

59 Tom Glavine's not out of the woods yet

Aside from the general awesomeness of this set, one of my favorite aspects can be seen when comparing the Edgar Martinez card to Glavine's card in this pack. Martinez is featured in front of a prominent Seattle landmark while Glavine looks like an 'Other' trying to defend the Dharma Initiative and its cause rather than pitching for Atlanta, a town not known for its natural landscapes. All the more reason to love this set.

Check back tomorrow for pack #3!

- J.C.F.


dayf said...

Atlanta not known for its natural landscapes?? I'll have you know Atlanta is one of the greenest cities in the country, and there are trees everywhere. And every damn one of those trees spits out pollen like mad 24-7 from February to November, causing our pollen count to rise to over 30,000 on a *good* day. Don't tell me about trees man, although I will agree with you that Tommy Traitor could very well be an "Other".

Anonymous said...

That's true, fine sir. I'll concede on that note. Just wait until I get around to some more of your Bravos... Hilarious.