02 July 2008

Pack Break: 2007 Topps Turkey Red [Retail]

The local target it trying to get rid of some retail packs of '07 and older product and despite my need to tighten up on spending dough, how can you turn down $0.99 to $1.52 packs of cards? I snagged 4 packs today, all of which had a hit a piece (surprisingly)... not too bad for $4 worth of retail wax.

Here we go...

30 Barry Bonds, lacrosse arm guard and all

41 Barry Zito
164 Jorge Posada

59 Carlos Beltran

12 Orlando Hernandez
37 Edgar Renteria
114 Gary Matthews (Refractor, #1154/1999)

11 Kenji Johjima
## Topps of the Class waste of space

Ok, that was weird... Follow me on this:

A) Two Giants with the same first name to start

B)Posada, who plays with former Zito teammate Giambi, and currently plays in New York

C) A second New Yorker from the other team in Carlos Beltran

D) A third New Yorker that's played for both teams in the Big Apple, but is currently playing with the NL East's Mets in "El Duque" (all three are Hispanic as well)

E) A Mets' rival in the Braves' Renteria

F) Then Gary Matthews who shares a former teammate with Renteria (Mark Teixeira, Rangers/Braves)

G) And to wrap it up, another AL Wester [like Matthews] in Johjima

I don't know how valid/relevant that is, but it was kinda creepy to bust. I'm not gonna lie... the Renteria/Matthews relationship was a stretch. I just wanted to figure out a link so the pack was complete and I could hype it up even more.... whatever.

Good pack, I think. Most of them will end up going somewhere in a trade or on eBay, aside from the Posada... that's a dope card.

That's all I got...

- J.C.F.

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