30 May 2008

Completely Overwhelmed...

Howdy, folks. I'm helping out/filling in for Spud at present while my boy is doing some serious work back in 5280. I just made the move back 'home' from Denver to Orlando and I've been a little slow to pick up any new cards, let alone make any contributions to the blogs. I was completely overwhelmed with the day's purchases and will get down to the nitty gritty this weekend. More content on this subject to come (once I get the scanner hooked up), but here's the teaser:

Today I purchased my first box of '08 Upper Deck Series 2.

I pulled:

1 Game Used
1 Auto
1 Auto + Game Used

None of which were MLB-ers... and I was quite excited. All hits were Team USA players, both Junior National and National members. We'll see how that stacks up against the second box which will inevitably be purchased within the next week.

After quickly returning to the shop to share my hits with the staff, I was introduced to Upper Deck's 2008 Team USA set. I loved the pulls from the UD Series 2 set and when I saw this box, I had to have it. Needless to say I spent a little more today than I had planned.

In short, this is a $65-75 box that contains the entire 60 card base set of National and Junior National players along with 9 guaranteed hits (7 autos, 2 game used). Japanese college players/studs are featured in game used cards (possibly autos as well, but not that I know of) of which I pulled two. Don't worry, Kazuo Uzuki is not included/gimmicked in this ridiculously gorgeous set.

I also pulled quite a few Colorado Rockies including the Troy Tulowitzki team checklist in the UD2 box. I'll touch on that card among other Rockies singles that I snagged at my new store down here in FLA over on my main site, Tulo Trader. I raided the shop of their Rockies and Cal Jr. inventory and snagged some goodies.

Scans, details and thoughts soon to come. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and pick up a box (or two... or three) of Upper Deck's 2008 Series 2. I'm hoping to complete this set by the end of June and will have plenty of pulls to share with ya.

That's all I got...

- J.C.F.

17 May 2008


Hi all,

Sorry there hasn't been many updates lately. I have been working 2 jobs in order to prevent taking school loans out for the fall. Needless to say its been kicking my ass. I haven't even been able to think about cards let alone open some to share. Luckily I have a birthday next month so I should have some fresh material.

I must say I'm looking forward to SPX which has had too many release dates to count and this new Bowman set that dropped last week. My mom has been keeping the addiction alive with random packs of cards here and there. She actually brought me a pack of Bowman 2008 and I pulled a Matt Dominguez X-Fractor numbered to 250. Other than that Topps Series 2 2008 is supposed to hit on 5/29 which looks promising with "a hit per box". I'm just praying that they spare us all the stupid autographed gimmicks.

-Well... back to work :(

04 May 2008

They've Gone to Plaid


I must say that I am addicted to Hyper Plaid cards from Co-signers 2008. So far I have 6 of them including one auto. For the better part of an hour the other day I sat and gazed at the hypnotizing plaid foil. I think it would be really nice to collect a "rainbow" or two from this set and it will be my next goal to do so. Guess I'm lucky that my birthday is coming up and all I have asked for thus far is cards. Even though Co-signers has not shown to be a terribly strong set, it has got to be one of my favorites so far. Sure some of the hits may not be that great or existent(tons of redemption cards) but I find comfort in all the different parallels. That may sound kind of suckerish but I'm not very tough to impress.

Anywho I thought I'd leave you with this: