04 May 2008

They've Gone to Plaid


I must say that I am addicted to Hyper Plaid cards from Co-signers 2008. So far I have 6 of them including one auto. For the better part of an hour the other day I sat and gazed at the hypnotizing plaid foil. I think it would be really nice to collect a "rainbow" or two from this set and it will be my next goal to do so. Guess I'm lucky that my birthday is coming up and all I have asked for thus far is cards. Even though Co-signers has not shown to be a terribly strong set, it has got to be one of my favorites so far. Sure some of the hits may not be that great or existent(tons of redemption cards) but I find comfort in all the different parallels. That may sound kind of suckerish but I'm not very tough to impress.

Anywho I thought I'd leave you with this:


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