17 May 2008


Hi all,

Sorry there hasn't been many updates lately. I have been working 2 jobs in order to prevent taking school loans out for the fall. Needless to say its been kicking my ass. I haven't even been able to think about cards let alone open some to share. Luckily I have a birthday next month so I should have some fresh material.

I must say I'm looking forward to SPX which has had too many release dates to count and this new Bowman set that dropped last week. My mom has been keeping the addiction alive with random packs of cards here and there. She actually brought me a pack of Bowman 2008 and I pulled a Matt Dominguez X-Fractor numbered to 250. Other than that Topps Series 2 2008 is supposed to hit on 5/29 which looks promising with "a hit per box". I'm just praying that they spare us all the stupid autographed gimmicks.

-Well... back to work :(

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