10 July 2008

Bowman Loses a Slice of the Pie

I'm heading down to West Palm Beach in the morning for two nights of Dave Matthews at the Cruzan Amphitheatre, but I wanted to give you all some reading material in case you haven't come across it already. Our 'friends' at Razor Collectibles, LLC. have really done on a number on my favorite set (Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects) in all of baseball card collecting. Haven't heard yet? Check out the links below to stories written by more talented bloggers than myself:

Razor takes a bite out of Topps? [Wax Heaven]

Razor Collectibles Signs MLB Draft Picks... [Sports Cards Uncensored]

Cutting into Topps [Stale Gum]

I'll be back in town on Sunday evening with some 80s wax. Have a safe weekend!

- J.C.F.

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