16 June 2008

Pack Break: 1993 Bowman Baseball

I cleaned the shop out of '07 Bowman DP&P (pack breaks to come) so I was looking for some other cheap goodies to bust. Their 1992 Bowman stock is selling for over $12 a pack, most likely for the ManRam RC which is ABSURD. God knows how long that box has been sitting in the case... not a single pack has been sold. I decided to go after the '93 set for a mere $3 and change.

'93 Bowman is a 708 card set, 14 cards per pack, with 48 "special engraved foil card[s]", 1 randomly inserted in each pack (339-374 and 693-704). These cards feature "top prospects and rookie-of-the-year candidates" (per 2008 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, 17th Edition).

Here we go...

124 Andy Cook
165 Rick Helling
301 Bobby Witt
418 Oretes Destrade

577 Manny Alexander
366 Justin Thompson (Top Prospect)

402 Scott Bullett
180 Jeff Juden
439 Tony Pena
479 Kevin Reimer
626 Carlos Garcia
231 Ellis Burks

100 Larry Walker

381 Leo Gomez

I was a little disappointed until I hit two Rockies (at one point in time) back-to-back in Burks and Walker.

Would you guys like to see more '93 Bowman Baseball in the future? Drop a line and let me know.

That's all I got...

- J.C.F.

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Anonymous said...

I vote "yes" on the More '93 Bowman thing, but that shouldn't really come as a surprise lol.