05 June 2008

Pack Break: '07 Bowman DP&P Sesh #2

Here we go...

Pack 1:
BDP7 Alejandro De Aza
BDP15 Alex Gordon
BDPP64 Matt LaPorta (dinged corner... Uggh!)

BDPP26 Julio Borbon (Chrome)
BDPP102 Gorkys Hernandez (Chrome)
BDP23 Brandon Wood (Gold)

I was forunate enough to watch LaPorta play at Florida and am really pulling for this guy. Yeah, a biased opinion from a Gator-in-law, but whatever. In '07, Matt had a .402 avg (in the SEC), slugged .817, amounted 52 steaks and crushed 20 homers in 52 games. The card also notes that he went yard twice in his first 3 games as a pro for the Helena edition of the Brew Crew.

I'm done touting, for now.

Pack 2:
BDP20 Matt DeSalvo
BDP25 Hunter Pence

BDPP9 Ryan Zink
BDPP109 Colby Rasmus
BDP19 Danny Putnam (Chrome)
BDPP17 Oliver Marmol (Chrome)
BDP41 Tyler Clippard

I also wanted to clear something up in my previous post. Technically, the base set of this series is a 54 card rookie collection (BDP1-BDP54) with a Barry Bonds waste-of-space 'base card' rounding out the set (BDP55). There are 110 cards in the insert set that feature prospects/draft picks (45 prospects, 65 draft picks).

As we all know, the RC, (RC), XRC, etc. situation has gotten out of control in the past few years and I still have trouble telling what is what. The card companies that are run by short-term visionaries and the MLBPA need to come to a conclusion that can help fix this mess. You're not fooling me with the MLB RC logo that is tainting the beauty of some great cards. Figure it out... the quicker, the better.

Here is a great post from Baseball Fever that displays a great explanation of the situation as well as the hard work done by a great collector.

**Post originally written 06/04/2008**
Grant and I will be checking out the '08 MLB First-Year Player Draft tomorrow at Disney's Wide World of Sports and we're hoping for some good things. Vinny Castilla will be there representing the Colorado Rockies along with current and future HOF-er's (Jim Palmer, Al Kaline, Dave Winfield, et al. I know we'll be lucky to see 3 draft picks in attendance, but it should be a good time. I'll fill you in tomorrow night.

That's all I got...

- J.C.F.

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