26 June 2008

Pack Break: 2008 Topps Chrome

When I saw the local card shop selling hobby packs of this product for over $4, I thought I'd never touch this stuff. Well, it seems as though this price gouging was due to the early availability of Chrome as they had it on sale the day prior to official release.

Oops, should I have kept that to myself?

By now you should know the deal... If not, check it out here.

Here we go...

220 Brian Bass
38 Justin Upton
C200 Steve Pearce (Heritage Rookie Insert) [0918/1959]
185 Brad Hawpe (Gotta love a Rockies pull)

Topps '08 and I don't really get along, but Chrome wasn't half bad for the following reasons:

1) $3/pack
2) Shiny, Shiny, Shiny
3) Sweet inserts/parallels/refractors in every pack [or close to it]
4) Pulled a Rockie

The sad part is that I had planned on picking up a pack of something old school for cheap, but everything pre-2007 is outrageously priced at this joint due to the possibility of pulling ManRam, Jeter, or Jose friggin Reyes rookie cards. I guess that box of 1992 Bowman will remain completely stocked with the packs it left the factory with because $17/pack ain't gonna move any product.

I'm amazingly bitter all of a sudden.

Boom... outta here.

- J.C.F.

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