03 June 2008

Box Break: 2008 Upper Deck Team USA Box Set

The Product:

2008 Upper Deck Team USA Box Set, courtesy of Big League Cards

The Info:

60 card complete set
* 25 National Team Player cards
* 1 National Team Coaches card
* 1 National Team card/team checklist
* 5 National Team 'Results' cards
* 20 Junior National Team Player cards
* 1 Junior National Team Coaches card
* 1 Junior National Team card/team checklist
* 6 Youth Junior National Team Player cards (3 players per card)

9 Guaranteed Hits
* 2 Gamers
* 7 Autos

The Set:

Assorted National Teamers:

21 - Cody Satterwhite

22 - Justin Smoak

32 - Japan Series Game 5 (USA 7 - Japan 3)

Assorted Junior Nationals:

34 - Mychal Givens

35 - Robbie Grossman

36 - Tyler Hibbs (wow... what a youngen)

Assorted Youth Junior Nationals:

58 - A.J. Cole, Nolan Fontana, Nick Franklin

The Hits:

JN-6 Testsuya Kokubo gamer

JN-13 Shota Oba gamer

77 Tyson Ross (Blue Ink Auto)

89 Garrison Lassiter Blue Ink Auto)

BWE-24 Brett Wallace 12/50 (Red Ink Auto)

UE-5 L.J. Hoes 72/75 (Blue Ink Autogamer)

UE-11 Harold Martinez 181/249 (Black Ink Auto)

YE-16 Max Stassi 202/295 (Black Ink Autogamer)

Q&A-BM1 Brian Matusz Q&A Auto

I must admit, I'm a fan. Yeah, it's a little strange seeing high schoolers [and younger] on cards, but it doesn't bother me. Imagine being in high school or even college and having your own Upper Deck baseball card. It's ridiculous... and I love it.

I see it as a way to commemorate the accomplishments of these players on the field and I think it's a fun set. I'm not very opinionated on this collection aside from the fact that I am happy with how it came out and am immensely attracted to most things USA... if Old Glory's on it, chances are I want it.

Grant and I will be attending the draft tomorrow at Disney's Wide World of Sports here in O-town. The majority of the National teamers are projected to be top picks so I'll be watching a little more carefully this year. Apparently Disney is really strict on autographs at the event, so we'll see what comes out of it.

I'm hoping to get some live blogging done at the event on Tulo Trader, but we'll see.

That's all I got...

- J.C.F.

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