27 June 2008

Pack Break: 2007 Bowman Baseball

For a good review of the product, check out Chris' HTA break over at Stale Gum or Thorzul's hilarious [and historically accurate] pack break at A Pack A Day. I'll save most of the details and get right into it.

One pack of '07 Bowman Baseball, 10 (or sometimes 11...) cards/pack

Here we go...

36 Jorge Posada
180 Johnny Damon (is this a Yanks pack??)
20 Nick Markakis (maybe not... AL East much?)
37 Brian Bannister
211 Jerry Owens (RC)
158 Aramis Ramirez (finally, some NL action)

BC88 Duke Dardinha (1st BowChro)
BC45 John Otness (1st BowChro)

BP109 Ryan Mullins (Gold/1st Bowman)
BP79 Doug Deeds (1st Bowman)
BP96 Vincent Blue (1st Bowman)

Count it... 11 cards. Other than that, pretty standard. I must add that I picked up both this pack and the previously reviewed pack and snagged Rockies in both. I wish that happened every time. Maybe my luck could rub off on them and they could WIN A DAMN GAME.

... Outta here.

- J.C.F.

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