23 June 2008

Pack Break: '07 Bowman DP&P Sesh #4

Busting two packs today:

Here we go...

Pack #1:

BDP7 Alejandro De Aza (Blue Parallel #149/399)... very nice!

BDP4 Chase Wright
BDPP11 Kyle Lotzkar
BDPP36 Craig Heyer
BDPP94 Greddy Sandoval (Chrome)
BDPP64 Matt LaPorta (Chrome)... FINALLY!

BDPP6 Ed Easley (Gold)

Pack #2:

BDP53 Yovani Gallardo
BDP42 Curtis Thigpen
BDPP17 Oliver Marmol
BDPP63 Jake Smolinksi

BDP26 Jarrod Saltalamacchia (Chrome)

BDPP57 John Tolisano (Chrome)
BDP46 Homer Bailey (Gold)

Not a bad day's work! I've been waiting on a LaPorta chrome since I started collecting this particular set. I've pulled seven various Evan Longoria prospect cards before a single LaPorta chrome. The scanner effect on the chrome cards is pretty dope too.

I love this series and only hope that they can continue to release it in the future. It reminds me of the essence of baseball and why we collect. Sure, a large portion of these players won't storm onto the scene in the Bigs, but it's fun to watch these guys at the local minor league ballpark and even when their names pop up on the ESPN ticker. Good work, Bowman... my favorite series of 2007-08.

Boom... outta here.

- J.C.F.

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