08 June 2008

Pack Break: '07 Bowman BDP&P Sesh #3

Today it's a two-packer (sorry about the cockeyed scans):

Pack 1:
BDP54 Mark Reynolds

BDP23 Brandon Wood
BDPP97 Brent Lillibridge
BDPP52 Charlie Culberson

BDPP25 Dustin Biell (Chrome)
BDP31 Jesse Litsch (Chrome)
BDPP21 Austin Gallagher (Gold)

Pack 2:
BDP50 Ryan Braun

BDP6 John Danks
BDPP31 Scott Carroll
BDPP108 Carlos Gonzalez
BDPP103 Jay Bruce (Chrome)

BDP40 Jeremy Hefner (Chrome)
BDPP60 Gary Gattis (Gold)

That's all I got...

- J.C.F.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have found an error card in topps series 2 #491 Cliff Floyd their is no dot around the #