18 April 2008

Where is my mail?!?!

It has been a almost a month since I purchased a regular old box of Topps 08 Series 1 on ebay. Ever since then I have been checking my mail box like a little kid shaking presents around Christmas time. So far I've got nothing. So like any good ebayer I contacted the seller before I got to worried. The email was nice, I told the seller that I live in an apartment and sometimes it takes them a day to sort through all the packages. After a week I got no response so I emailed again. This time I got a response stating that the package had been sent and that they would send another on Monday. Wait..... what? Someone tells you they didn't receive their item so you bite the bullet on a 50 dollar box and send another one? I'm worried that I might be getting burned on only my 3rd ebay purchase ever.

If anyone can offer some suggestions or their input on this it would be greatly appreciated.



Anonymous said...

Dibs on the 2nd box! haha.

Anonymous said...

I buy about 30 cards a month on eBay and I've never been burned. People say stick to the people close to 100% but I've bid on stuff from people who had as low as 85% and I got my stuff. Not sure what to tell you.

White Sox Cards said...

Always check the negative comments in the feedback. They can tell you a lot of information on how the seller is. Things happen from time to time, but if it is the same negative story over and over again, you are taking your chances.

Some sellers will actually bite the bullet and send out a second box if they are a high volume seller. They figure that whether you get one box or two, you'll come back.