09 April 2008

Topps '07 Co-Signers Baseball Review

What a day,

Today I had probably the greatest bit of pulls I'm going to have for some time. I finally mustered up enough guts to do my first video box break. The box chosen was Topps Co-signers 07. When I bought the box I was a bit worried that all the good cards had been bought up. To my delight I was totally wrong.

The box guarantees 3 autos with one of them being a co-signer. In addition the box guarantees 9 numbered parallels. Each pack contains 6 cards with 12 packs in a box.

The cards looked great! Each card is somewhat mirrored much like Moments and Milestones. The parallels have 2 players, one is a mirror image and the other is a regular colored in picture.

As always the dust and scratches are from the top loaders and scanner...

The First auto I pulled was a rookie parallel numbered to 125... Angel Sanchez. i don't know much about him but I plan to research this Kansas City Royal.

The second was the best hit I have ever had... Ortiz, Wright, Howard Tri-signer...WOW

After that pull I figured that card was my "co-signer"...how wrong I was.

I have to say that this set is my favorite so far. I am looking forward to a co-signer 08 friendly box break war with Mario from Wax Heaven that we are trying to set up.

Thats not all...
While I was waiting to do my box break I opened up a Topps Finest mini and got some exciting pulls.

Finest Moments Miguel Cabrera:

Rookie Redemption Card #5:


I don't know if you can see it well in the scans but it looks like somebody at Topps got a little "excited" with this card. One of the corners is bent, the ink is running, on the back it looks as it someone tried to stab a chunk out of it. I'm not upset about it but I got a really good laugh out of the whole thing. The best part of the card is a question on the back that reads "what is your favorite part of being a rip girl?" The answer... "having fun with the rip master and the other rip girls" HAHAHAHAHA my feeble 20 year old mind thinks that is priceless.

-I hope you all enjoyed

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