10 April 2008

Topps 08 Gold parallels


Its snowing here today in Colorado. While I was in class I got a text saying that there would be no practice today. With the day wide open I went down to Bill Sports Memorabilia to trade some cards and work on my Gold parallel set from Topps 08 Series 1.

With my trade I was able to pick up a box of hobby packs knowing full well that I would get 4 gold parallels. To my surprise I still have yet to get a double of any of them.

The Pulls:
Justin Morneau #110
Kevin Frandsen #117
Josh Beckett postseason highlights #217
Alfredo Amezaga #227

With these four cards my total on the set comes to 77. If anyone has some gold/black parallels to trade let me know I have a lot of 08 cards to offer.

-Thats all for now

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