20 April 2008

Terrible Thomas Timing


Today was a tough day for me after waking up to the news about the big hurt being released. Ever since I was a kid playing little league ball I have looked up to him. I remember the days where the only baseball I would watch was if ol Frank was playing. I also recall my dads disgust when I would pick Thomas for the home run derby on World Series Baseball 1995(with 11+ homers every time how could you not pick him?)

Of course his release comes the day after J.C.F. at Tulo Trader handed me a sick Thomas card. Oh well I'm sure he will get picked up by some AL team that will get to see the Hurts middle and late season 302 or so average. Personally I'm hoping to see him go to the A's to pick up where Mike Piazza left off or to the Orioles so he can look like a big pumpkin.

I hear that there is a lot of talk about bad blood between the Jays and Thomas. However on baseball tonight he was interviewed about the subject. At the end of the interview he assured Chris Berman and the baseball nation that there are no problems. I'm sure we will get statements from both parties again in the next few days.

I still plan on collecting Frank Thomas and Mike Piazza cards even though both of them will be watching baseball on their couches for a little bit.

-have a good weekend

p.s. I would add scans but at the moment I'm exhausted from lacrosse yesterday

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