11 April 2008

Football Curiosity gets a hit

Happy Friday,

I don't fancy myself a football card collector but at times I get curious at what it has to offer.

J.C.F. and I headed down to Bill's today and fed our card addiction with a couple packs of cards. It was nothing fancy just some heritage from previous years. While I was at the counter I noticed that they were reloading their stock of co-signers football from last year. Packs were 10.00 with fewer odds of getting a hit then baseball. I figured what the heck and bought 1 pack.

When I got into the car I cracked the pack open and to my surprise there was a rookie dual auto in it!!

Brandon Jackson and David Clowney co-signer

As far as I know Jackson is still with the Packers after posting some good numbers last season. As for Clowney I saw he was with the jets but for the life of me could find any stats.

Regardless its of card of one of my favorite teams, and will go nicely into my personal collection.

Don't worry... This curious football pack will not kill this baseball card collecting cat.

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