28 April 2008

Three Days is a Long Time to Go Without Seeing Cards...


I finally arrived back at home today after a 15 hour drive back from Rolla, Missouri. I spent my weekend playing the last lacrosse game of the regular season. I have never been so relieved to get some time off(unless we get a bid for nationals). The best season I have had in my career aside from playing with injuries that will come back to haunt me in old age *uneasy chuckle*.

Even though I was only away for 3 days I felt so detached from cards. Without the internet I was unable to check out any blogs or make a blog of my own. For that I apologize. This week is looking up with the release of Co-Signers '08 which my local hobby shop is hooking me up with. As most of you know, Mario from Wax Heaven and I will be doing a video box battle in which our loyal fans will be able to vote on the winner. I's expecting everything to be posted on that either later in the week or early next week. Other than that I should have a few boxes of Topps '08 coming in the mail for my gold collection. In addition I will be sending out all the trades I have been working on. So people have been waiting for over a month for cards and to be honest school and lacrosse have been destroying my time. Luckily that is all coming to an end in the next couple weeks.

With all that said I can barely keep my eyes open...

-Till Monday

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