14 April 2008

Wax Breaker Gets Another Case Hit... I Think


I have been searching for Upper Deck Spectrum now since it came out. I call the hobby shop close to me everyday, but it always seems like they have no idea what I'm talking about. So after traveling down to Aurora to another card shop, I hit my big break (haha get it, Spectrum has famous actor/singer autos aww I'm a goober).

Anyhow you get 24 packs in a box, 4 cards a pack, and 4 hits on average. The cards are nice and snazzy with a blue background and a nice big picture of the player on the front. The back is something that I have never seen from UD....STATS YOU CAN READ. In addition there are different colored parallel cards with color indicating how high numbered it is. A box also promises an auto of a famous actor or recording artist, another auto which can be a player or famous person, and 2 game used cards which can be dual from 2 pieces from each player and so on.

Here is what some of the parallels look like:

The pulls:

Vince Neil from Motley Crue:

Christopher McDonald with the edges cut out numbered 17/25

"I was in the woods on 13 and I saw 2 fat bikers having sex....how am i supposed to chip with that going on!!"

Derek Lee Spectrum Swatch #65/99:

My first pinstripe... YAY

Last hit of the box.... 4 piece game used #62/99 of 2 Cy Young winners:

After all of this I thought I was done but I remembered that I grabbed a random pack of Spectrum.

Boy was I excited. Its numbered 2/2 but there is a catch. There are 100 Jeter RetroSpectrum cards. Each card has 2 autos(at least its not like Moments and Milestones. Still a great auto its my lowest numbered card yet.

I really enjoyed this set after not buying UD for a while. Yeah its another premium type set in which I will probably only buy packs of because of the 100.00 price tag but its nice none the less.

-Hope you all enjoyed


Wax Heaven said...

Sell that Jeter ASAP! You will make some nice $$$ on it.

You have some incredible luck...

Wax Heaven said...

Man, I really hope this thing sells for a boat load of cash.

You deserve it, plus you could buy 50 more cases of "Hot" Spectrum.

Spud said...

gotta pass on spectrum for now gotta save for co-si1gners 08. Hopefully my luck continues into the break battle

Anonymous said...

I love the Shooter McGavin card!