16 September 2008

Week 2 Still The Same


Week two in the NFL has just come to an end and I'm still number one in my fantasy league. My recent success in drafting my team based on football cards has got me wondering if the same method will succeed in other facets of life. For Example: Why not take 10 packs of cards to Vegas with me in October and put 100 dollars down on a 10 game parlay with each pack deciding who will win. I think it may be worth a shot....

Any who I was wondering if anyone has their want/trade lists for football cards up. Also, I recently visited the hobby shop and bought a small chunk of cards. I'll have a breakdown of all of that tomorrow on my cherished day off.

I will leave you all with this question: Who do you start in week 3...? Brett Favre or Jason Campbell.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Trick question... Ditka is God.