18 September 2008

Updated Blogger Features

This has absolutely nothing to do with wax or even the breaking of wax, but it does have something to do with blogging, specifically with Blogger.com.

A new feature that I find nifty is the 'Following' feature. It's unique to the Blogger interface and I must say I'm a fan. For all of you Blogger users, check out this informative link.

I'll have some new pack breaks soon, but I'm currently on the DL. I'm injured... injured bad.

That's all I got...

- J.C.F.


dayf said...

Ouch... sorry 'bout that man. It's rough out there in the field of battle. Get well and protect that schnozz.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man. It's no fun, but whatever. I'll be back out there next week. It's become a habit breaking my nose it seems... three times in 7 years. I'll get those Braves out to you as soon as I acquire a few more to make it a worth while package. Thanks again for the Rox.