22 August 2008

Pack Break: 2008 Topps Chrome Baseball (Retail)

Wax Breaker is back with plenty of pack breaks to come. I've done my part to raid the local Target of its retail stock and here are the results:

2008 Topps Chrome (Retail)

Pack 1:

Joe Mauer (Refractor)... Beautiful card right off of the top

Travis Buck

Luis Castillo

Chipper Jones 50th Anniversary All-Rookie Team... another solid chrome card that is heading over to Cardboard Junkie

Pack 2:

Alfonso Soriano

Johan Santana

Jeff Niemenn (Blue Refractor)... gotta live shiny, colorful parallels!

Miguel Cabrera

I hated Topps '08, but the Chrome edition mesmerizes me... yeah, call me Joe Collector all you want. I'm not a fan of the four cards per pack, but I do like the fact that you seemingly get a refractor/parallel/insert/mirror/thingamajig per pack. Even the Trading Card History and 50th Anny Rooks are nice to see in each pack. Chances are I won't buy any of the hobby packs due to the ridiculous prices, but retail is fine by me. Three bucks ain't shabby with at least one decent card per pack.

As always, any of the cards that you see in pack breaks on Wax Breaker are up for dibs. Just shoot me an email if there's a card you like and I'll send it your way.

More Topps Chrome as well as some other '08 packs of baseball, football, and hockey cards to come.

**NOTE: All Yankees, Twins, White Sox, Marlins, Braves and Rockies are taken for. Any other team members are 1st come 1st serve**

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Anonymous said...

Screw this, where's Metal Universe at? Just kidding....but when you get to hockey, keep me in mind for Devils please.