11 August 2008

Life Happens...

It's been a hectic summer and this week is no different. I've been able to get some long awaited packages sent off in the past few days, so if you've been expecting one from me, keep your eyes peeled. Unfortunately, the blogs have taken some hits from the hustle and bustle of July/August, but we've got plenty of work to do including pack/box breaks of the latest '08 baseball sets including Topps Allen & Ginter and Upper Deck Goudey. Also, I'll be highlighting some additions to my personal collection on Wax Breaker as well as on Tulo Trader and Ironman Cards.

And just when you thought we were only highlighting baseball cards...

We'll have a box break of 2008 UD Football ready to go in no time.

Work with us as we get Wax Breaker [and friends] back online while we prep some great new material. Thanks for checking in!

- J.C.F.

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