22 March 2008

Topps needs a new printer


Its days like today where i wish i video taped box breaks. I went down to my local hobby shop to grab a hobby box of Topps 08 series 1. At 40 bones there was no way i could turn it down.

I broke the first pack to find that the last 3 cards were missing all of the silver foil writing. As I broke the rest of the box it turned out that ever pack had 2-3 cards like this. Some of the cards even have silver ink spooed all over them. What the %$*# Topps?

I'm not sure whether to be happy or upset. On one hand I could be looking at 100 "error cards" that could have some value. On the other i could be looking at 100 worthless cards with foil spoo on them.

If anyone has come across this or tell me what to do with all of them, please leave some comments.

On the upside i got some gold borders that I needed and some of the inserts im missing


1 comment:

ZarkonGT said...

Wish I had a hobby shop like yours.

Hobby boxes of 08 Topps there are going for like $60+. Probably closer to 70-80, I'd not be surprised.