08 March 2008

Oh no Topps Heritage and a nice M&M box

Wha Wha What,

After hearing about the latest from Topps Heritage, I don't know if i even want to finish the set. I counted my heritage yesterday and found that i was 110 cards short from the set(with a couple of Sp's but oh well). Then i come to find out that there are 2 variation cards that are near impossible to get(Johan Santana, and John Smoltz) OY. Now I have to decide if I want to break a couple more boxes and try to get lucky or pay about as much for one card as an entire box. Hmmm decisions, decisions.

On a lighter note, I got the itch for some moments and milestones 08 so I went and picked up a box. I was pretty impressed with the design. Most of the cards have a picture of the player and a faded version of it behind them. The box also "guarantees" 2 autos per box but I have seen people get burned before. In addition every card is numbered from 150, 25, 10, and 1/1.

Price tag on the box was 100.00, which i was able to get knocked down to 90 because i buy all my cards from the same shop. What a steal woohoo for perks. Aside from the great price the cards inside the box were better than i thought.

3 autos(2 rookies), and a Ryan Howard 1/1 (filthy) and of course the usual 5 or so rockies cards to add to my collection.

I know I've promised scans in the past but this week of lacrosse has been very time consuming. I'll try to get some up here in the next week.

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