26 February 2008

Welcome to Wax Breaker

Hello Collectors,

Welcome to Wax Breaker! A brand new sport card collecting site just in time for all the fresh 2008 wax...

I'm a first time collector of sport cards and would like to share as much of my wax breaking joy with you as possible...

Expect to see many updates this month including: My first box break(with scans of the keepers), trade/want lists, worthless packs of the week and much much more.

Feel free to leave some comments once things get rolling. Please remember: that I'm a rookie at this so try not to tear me a new one write off the bat.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

YYEEAAHH!! Let's break some wax! Topps '08 Heritage. You and your pulls... Great Tulo card. He hit a homer in the 1st inning today.