11 December 2008


Wax Breaker will be going on [official] hiatus until my trip back to Denver in a couple of weeks. Spud and I will be picking up a couple boxes of cards once I'm back in the Mile High City and doing some updates. Until then, I'll be doing any pack breaks and what not on Tulo Trader.

Hope this Thursday finds you well.

That's all I got...

- J.C.F.

29 November 2008

Back for More...

It's been a long couple of months. If you have suspected Wax Breaker or Tulo Trader of "blog burnout"... I don't blame you. That fact of the matter is that Spud and I haven't been as dedicated as some of the other greats in the sports card blogospehere as of late, but we're not done yet. We've had a case of the "real life blues" which has kept us from updates, but we'll be back ASAP.

The scanner is out of commission right now, but I'd like to share with you a quick story from the latest trip to Target. I thought it'd be a great idea to pick up a pack of both UD Masterpieces Football and Baseball... well, to preface the story, let me remind you that I'm a die-hard Washington Redskins and Colorado Rockies fan.

Card #1 of UD Masterpieces Football: Tony Romo

Fantastic. Though I have the biggest man-crush on Brett Favre, I refuse to acknowledge the media's statement that Tony Romo is the next Fahv-ray.

Card #1 of UD Masterpeices Baseball: Matt Holliday

Don't get me started.

Cards to come soon, but don't hold your breath. It might be a few days. Be sure to check out the blogroll for some relevant blogs. Those guys get it done!

18 September 2008

Updated Blogger Features

This has absolutely nothing to do with wax or even the breaking of wax, but it does have something to do with blogging, specifically with Blogger.com.

A new feature that I find nifty is the 'Following' feature. It's unique to the Blogger interface and I must say I'm a fan. For all of you Blogger users, check out this informative link.

I'll have some new pack breaks soon, but I'm currently on the DL. I'm injured... injured bad.

That's all I got...

- J.C.F.

16 September 2008

Week 2 Still The Same


Week two in the NFL has just come to an end and I'm still number one in my fantasy league. My recent success in drafting my team based on football cards has got me wondering if the same method will succeed in other facets of life. For Example: Why not take 10 packs of cards to Vegas with me in October and put 100 dollars down on a 10 game parlay with each pack deciding who will win. I think it may be worth a shot....

Any who I was wondering if anyone has their want/trade lists for football cards up. Also, I recently visited the hobby shop and bought a small chunk of cards. I'll have a breakdown of all of that tomorrow on my cherished day off.

I will leave you all with this question: Who do you start in week 3...? Brett Favre or Jason Campbell.


11 September 2008

What Would We Do Without Our Close Friends

I gotta give a special shout out to J.C.F. for "not burning the house down" while I was gone. He kept Wax Breaker going these past 5 months or so and without him you would still be seeing old posts about co-signers 08. So Thank you J.C.F. you're a damn good friend and an even better blogger.


Woowee It's Been a While

Hello fellow bloggers and readers of Waxbreaker,

I'm finally secure with a new condo, the internet(finally), and enough fundage to keep them both in line. Its good to finally be back to see that Waxbreaker is still up and running.

On my hiatus I was still able to keep up with all things card collecting via 1-2 hour long conversations with my buddy J.C.F. I saw the rise and somewhat fall of the retro sets and the slow completion of this years baseballs sets. I'm guessing that all baseball has left this year is Topps sterling which always pumps out some sweet cards. Too bad you have to make more money than I do to buy a pack but at least I can drool over someone opening a pack online. On the other hand football is in full swing and with the unlimited amount of sets they can throw at us I should be busy for a while.

While I was away I was able to get my hands on a box of A&G and a few packs of Goudy. I must say I still love A&G. I was lucky enough to pull 3 jerseys and a bat out of my box even though I was really looking forward to pulling that Abe Lincoln pubic hair.... As far as Goudey is concerned I could give a damn what Ken Griffey Jr or Derek Jeter have to say. What a waste of card space...OY. I was impressed with series 2 Topps and their silk collection cards. To finish baseball off I picked up some of the Topps and bowman chrome. Nothing too impressive out of the packs but I really enjoy that everything gets mixed together and chromed.

Football is a different story completely. So far I have grabbed a pack of stadium club that yielded a Johnathan Stewart jersey, a couple packs of Topps, and I did my entire fantasy draft based on a box of upper deck 08. Strangely enough I'm first place in my league after week one. I felt like a moron having to take Reggie Wayne as my first rounder but hey at least i didn't pull a Tom Brady card (suckers).

Simple layout for my draft:
-First pack first card= 1st round pick
-Second pack second card= 2nd round pick.. so on and so forth
-If that player is taken go to the next card
-If you have no more spots available for that position go to next card
It is a lot of fun and somehow it is paying off. The truth is I just wanted an excuse to buy cards haha.

I really look forward to catching up on every bodies blogs in the next few days. I am also going to have a talk with J.C.F. about some contest ideas and upcoming box/pack breaks.

Thank you all for reading the blog it means a lot to see you all return day after day even if there isn't any new content.